IT Jobs

“IT” is short for “Information Technology”, which is one of the most rapidly expanding job sectors in recent years. IT jobs include quite a broad array of roles, including the fields of computer software and hardware, cybersecurity, IT infrastructure, data storage and retrieval, IT support and more, with positions spanning the career spectrum from entry-level to executive track.
Below are just some examples and types of IT jobs:

Applications development
Information and cybersecurity
Systems analysis
Project management
Software Development
Computer animation
Artificial intelligence
Machine Learning
Robotics engineering

In today’s digitalized age, IT jobs are crucial to every company’s core products and services. To get an IT job, you would need to be familiar with the commonly used programming languages, including but not limited to PHP, DB2, Cobol, C, Oracle, SQL, Python and JavaScript. If you have completely no IT-related background, there are still a lot of IT jobs that require marketing and business skills instead of practical IT knowledge.

Good news to whoever is seeking IT jobs, there are many high-paying positions available in the information technology and development industry. For example, IT specialists with 6 years experience can earn up to HK$55,000 per month.

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