Our Recruitment Approach…

Step 1

Identify Your Hiring Needs


Step 2

Talent Search & Interviews


Step 3

Screening & Shortlisting

Step 4

Client Interview

Step 5

Evaluation & Offer of Employment

Step 6

Onboarding Arrangement

Step 7

Follow-up & Improvement

Permanent Recruitment

Permanent Recruitment
We promote your company and attract the right perm talent.

  • Quality Talent

    People are your greatest assets. We customise hiring strategies based on your talent gaps

  • Time Saver

    Time is money. We screen out right candidates for you so that you could focus on your business

  • Market Intelligence

    We know your markets, and we will keep you updated about the market trends and insights

  • Employer Branding

    We represent you professionally and ensure that the candidates get a feel for your company culture and brand

  • Increased Flexibility

    Short-term coverage when you need it. Temp staffing provides flexibility for your talent needs

  • Reduced Training Costs

    We provide immediate access to experienced and qualified candidates for your current needs

  • Cost Saving

    Generally speaking, the cost of hiring temp workers is often cheaper than that of perm staff

  • Evaluate before committing

    You can have a “test drive” before offering a perm position to a temp employee

Temporary Recruitment & Contracting

Flexible talent solutions that match your temporary hiring needs.


You focus on business and productivity. Let us worry about the HR admin

  • Time Saving

    You should focus on business activities. Let us worry about the tedious HR & admin work

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